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Forex trader. Up 05:20 everytime to trade if I'm off from work. Upon getting up and getting ready for the charts I jump on my treadmill, do my morning stretches for around 30mins and coffee. I do a morning pre-Frankfurt open (8:00 GMT +1) morning analysis on all 27 pairs and I find the absolute best pairs that fall in line with my trading criteria based on correlation, volume and set ups that I can focus on for the London session. I'm day trading/ intra-day trading, I look at the 60/15 min charts, I want to simply get a trade within either the London or US session. I will be posting the trades I'm looking at, trade management, entry and exits whenever I have good time so come and join my journey!

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  • Thu, 08 Nov 2018 14:41:36 GMT
  • , kl.15:41


Afternoon guys,

Today I wasn't able to trade the morning session today, because of work, however I'm also not sure if I missed the opportunity for the pairs I'm looking at for this US session:


  • For this US session I'm stalking AUDUSD and NZDCAD.
  • Both AUD and NZD are strong pairs for today and hoping to try get an entry for a buy.
  • Missed an opportunity for a buy on AUDUSD on that first push that went up.
  • Nonetheless, I tend to go for the second push so if we can get sellers to come down lower again with low volume and struggling, I would try to get in.
  • For NZDCAD I need to see that the sellers are dead, they came in way too strong for the pull back. 
  • There is CHF news at 18:30 however this may be more inclined towards the EUR market.
  • There is also USD news at 20:00 being FOMC statement, this will definitely shake the market however its going to be late into my day, where by then I stop trading.
  • As of now standing by for both pairs, if there is no entry for me, it's okay there will always be other opportunities another time! 
  • Remember patience is key! 


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